Feature Overview

Do more with less – Welcome to Marketing Automation 2.0

With a number of options on the marketing automation vendor landscape, you need to choose the vendor who has the tools to help you succeed. That’s Rainmaker.

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Email Marketing

Intelligent Email Marketing. Now That Sounds Smart.

Whether a simple drip, a one-time blast, an autoresponder or a complex action-based lead nurture campaign, with Rainmaker you can easily create, manage and analyze email marketing campaigns that branch based on any and all combinations of behavior, demographics and data.

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Reports & Dashboards

Relevant Charts and Data to the Right People. On-Demand.

Rainmaker dashboards and reporting all leverage our game-changing segmenting technology. This means unmatched flexibility to get the information you need when you want it. Pretty pictures are nice and all but isn’t it better when there’s actually real value to a report?

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Lead Scoring

Leads Scored. Leads Qualified. Sales Happy.

Ensure that each lead you send to sales is well qualified and will be accepted. Rainmaker exclusive Segment-Driven™ Lead Score Overlays give you the flexibility to score based on what makes sense for your organization.

You might even get a thank you from your sales team while you’re at it.

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List Management

Flexibility and Simplicity. Isn’t That What You Expect With Your List Management Tool?

Segment-Driven™ list management unlocks the power of your marketing lists. Launch campaigns with the confidence of knowing you’ll be touching only the prospects you meant to target.

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Lead Form Capture

Capture lead information automatically from your existing web forms.

You already have existing web forms. Why should you have to rebuild them just because of your marketing automation system?

You shouldn’t…and you don’t with Rainmaker.

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Sales Alerts

Hey Salesperson,Your Lead Is Engaging. Take Action!

Real-time sales alerts from Rainmaker get the right information to your salespeople to get them to react. Call, email, whatever. Engaging with a prospect at the right time is what it’s all about.

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Unlimited Segmentation

Leverage ANY combination of customer data for Campaigns, Alerting and Reporting. Giddy up.

As marketers know, segmenting prospects is the key to ensuring relevant communication, scoring and qualification. With our ability to segment on an infinite number of data elements, our capabilities are truly unmatched.

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CRM Integration

Marketing & Sales as One. At Least their Data Will Be.

Marketing lists are always up to date. And your team is empowered to Segment on any CRM data points including Opportunity data.

Sales is enabled with great looking trackable emails. Prospect Activity Streams inform. Interests are revealed. Sales are closed.

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Web Analytics

Paid Search Initiated. Website Visited. Email Opened. Webinar Attended. Revenue Generated.

While some systems offer a limited selection of canned reports, Rainmaker Analytics leverage the unparalleled power of our Segments to understand prospect behavior.

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Email Drip Campaigns

A Simple Email Drip Campaign Can Make a Waterfall of Revenue.

Our drip campaign builder makes it crazy simple to create and modify your drip email campaigns. And when you drive those campaigns with Rainmaker Segments you’ll create a flood of new revenue (we couldn’t resist 🙂

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Lead Nurturing

Turn More Suspects Into Revenue with the Right Content at the Right Time.

You’ve got web traffic and you get leads. That’s a great first step. Many organizations jump right in and throw it to Sales to close the deal. However, calling these leads when they are not yet ready to buy may just chase them away or waste sales’ time with many prospects that are in no position to move to the next stage. They need proper nurturing.

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Rainmaker API

API Access Included.

Wishing to integrate with additional CRMs, interact with a data warehouse, or provide mashups for internal use? Look no further than our complimentary API that is available with every paid subscription.

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Website Visitor Identification

You Can’t Sell Anything to a Statistic, No Matter How Good Your Sales Team Is.

How much do you really know about your website visitors on an individual level?

Analytics packages can show you trends but they don’t identify who is visiting your site – and potentially in the buying phase.

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Sales Enablement

If Only There Was a Platform Where Sales Could See Lead Movement and React in Real Time. Oh, There is?

Pipe dream, meet FunnelVision. The world’s most powerful CRM-integrated sales enablement tool.

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