Segmenting Your Prospects is Paramount for Revenue Generation

Our core vision for a Segment-Driven Marketing Automation system makes Rainmaker stand out against all others. Lead Scoring, Email Campaign Qualification, Sales Alerts, Reporting, Dashboards, List/Lead Management… literally the entire platform is driven by our uber-powerful Segments feature. No other marketing automation platform comes close to our flexibility and performance.

Rainmaker customers need only one tool to leverage the full power of our entire marketing automation system. Our customers are able to quickly launch quality nurturing campaigns and are able to drill into tightly defined subsets of prospects to deliver highly relevant content.

Traditional Database Fields
+ Online Behavior
= Power On Demand

With Rainmaker, you can quickly focus on the groups of prospects you want to see. Any combination of tracked behavior and captured details can define your prospects. You make the rules.

Leverage & Segment On All of Your CRM Data

Integrate with one of our supported CRMs to add a new dimension to your Segments. Want to market to a certain Industry, or prospects with a high-
valued Opportunity amount among the Leads you own? Rainmaker makes it simple.

It’s Time to Raise Your Expectations

Tired of systems that make you reinvent the wheel every time you want to target something specific?

Leveraging your behavioral and traditional data is so easy with Rainmaker that it will quite literally change what you expect from a lead management system.

So What Can You Segment on With Rainmaker? Here’s the Current List

  • Website Visit Activity
    • Website Visit Duration
    • Specific Page(s) Viewed or Not Viewed (Great for Conversion Abandonment!)
    • Number of Page Views
    • Number of Visits
    • Most Recent Visit
  • Contact Attributes
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Company
    • Title
    • Email
    • Phone (Work, Mobile, Home)
    • All Address Fields
  • Custom Fields
    • As Defined by You (or pulled from your CRM automatically)
  • CRM Fields
    • Is Lead
    • Is Contact
    • Account
    • Opportunity Name, Amount, Probability, Expected Close, Many More
  • Campaign/Email Activity
    • Did/Did Not Receive/Open/Click/Visit Site/Bounce/Unsubscribe
    • Did/Did Not Qualify for the Campaign
  • List Membership
    • Is/Is Not Currently a Member of the Given List(s)
  • Web Form Interaction
    • Did/Did Not Submit the Form
  • Traffic Sources
    • Search Phrase (whole or partial)
    • Search Engine Used
    • Paid vs. Natural Search
    • 3rd Party Referring Site
    • Direct Access (bookmark, non-trackable email click…)
    • Google AdSense (site where click originated)
  • Lead Scoring
    • Qualified (yes/no)
    • Total Lead Score
    • Contact Score
    • Activity Score
    • Engagement Score
    • Manual Score
  • Landing Pages
    • Did/Did Not Visit/Complete Form (for any given Landing Page)
  • Sales Enablement Emails (trackable emails sent directly from CRM)
    • Did/Did Not Receive/Open/Click/Visit Site/Bounce/Unsubscribe

Rainmaker Segments = Unmatched Power to Succeed

You may use any of these fields in limitless combination with any others. The power Rainmaker provides cannot be overstated and is not matched by any alternative.

When you realize that this power is available to *every feature* throughout the app you begin to understand the competitive advantage of Rainmaker’s exclusive Segment-Driven approach to marketing automation.