Unlimited Length. Unlimited Duration.

With Rainmaker your drip email campaigns can have 50 touch points. Or 100. Or 2. Whatever you need to create, our drip campaign builder makes it easy to touch your prospects as many times as you need.

And duration? Your campaigns can continue to drip emails on your prospects for a year or more. There’s no limit. Unlike many other available systems, we leave that choice to you.

Set Conditions that Add Prospects to Your Campaign Automagically…

A prospect fills out your web form and registers for a trial. Or an upcoming webinar. Or downloads a whitepaper. Any of these actions can cause your prospect to begin participating in a drip campaign automatically.

We call these “Perpetual” campaigns because they constantly monitor prospect behavior to determine who qualifies for a given campaign.

Being Segment-Driven™, you have the freedom to leverage any set of conditions you like to add participants to your perpetual drip campaigns.

…Or Choose Exactly Which Leads Will Participate.

When you know exactly who should participate in your drip campaign (and don’t want Rainmaker to monitor for new participants on an ongoing basis) you will launch what’s called a “One Time” campaign.

One Time campaigns allow you to set specific dates and times for the delivery of each email in your campaign. Look again at the screen image to the right. See how it has set dates & times for the delivery of each email? Compare that to the image above where email delivery is relative to when the prospect qualified for your campaign.

In either case you can always prevent email delivery on nights and weekends.

Score Leads With a Single Click

Our Segment-Driven™ lead scoring is the best automated lead qualification system in existence. Segments give you the power to adjust lead scores based on any combination of conditions and actions you choose. But you shouldn’t have to create a Segment to score each click in your campaigns. That would be hard.

We’re not big fans of hard so we went ahead and made it easy. Choose the Lead Score Overlay you’d like to assign points to and tell us how many points we should assign to email opens and email clicks.

That’s it! You’re done. Nothing more to see here.

Reporting that Rocks

We’ve got your back when it comes time to prove the value of your marketing efforts.

From basic campaign statistics to aggregate totals for the current quarter to date, Rainmaker provides the tabular and graphical reporting you need to refine your efforts and understand and improve your results. Hey, maybe even advance your career! 😉

Schedule automated reports that keep you up to date on campaign performance on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Create and analyze an unlimited number of Segment-Driven™ conversion funnels. View dashboards that bring the big picture into focus.

We understand that the pressure to prove performance and revenue contribution has never been higher. That accountability isn’t going away. That’s why we’re there for you, even in the conference room.

All That You’d Expect From Professional Email Marketing

  • CAN SPAM Compliance Guaranteed
  • Rainmaker handles bounces & unsubscribes for you
  • Automatic de-duplication of lists
  • Subscription Management is built in
  • Set your delivery windows – Send emails only during business hours for example
  • Hosted versions of your emails are created automatically for every lead
  • Forward to a Friend
  • Personalized fields and data snap in seamlessly
  • Send using @yourdomain.com and sail through spam filters
  • Top Notch Deliverability
  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • ReturnPath integration available
  • SPF & DKIM fully supported