Launch personalized, trackable single, mass or scheduled email in minutes.

What happens after they click through makes a big difference in how qualified this lead may be. Many of the prospects who click through from your emails look at one page and leave the page. Others visit other pages, or come back and visit later. Or they may have visited your site earlier. Rainmaker knows all of this in real time as it happens and gives you the tools to do something about it.

Drip Campaigns

Wow. A straightforward drip campaign builder that allows you to easily create campaigns that send any number of emails on any schedule you desire.

Of course your drip campaigns include convenient reporting on emails sent, opens & clicks as well as automatic bounce, unsubscribe & subscription management.

Go deeper: use Drips as your auto-responses to web form submissions, to prospects whose lead score remains stubbornly low, or even to prospects who haven’t visited your website in the last month.

Simple and effective, our Drip campaigns will help you connect with prospects in no time.

Lead Nurturing Campaigns

When sending your campaigns, are clicks and opens your only actionable statistics?

What about those prospects who open, click to visit your site, view five pages, and download a whitepaper? There’s a night and day difference between identifying this and identifying a prospect who merely clicked.

To us these aren’t just statistics, they’re opportunities. We call them branches because they designate that certain contacts take a different direction than others.

With Rainmaker, not only are you already tracking these interactions with your campaign and your website, but you can build your campaign to react to such scenarios. Treat prospects differently who not only clicked or opened but who also went on to visit the site, viewed a video, filled out a form, have “Director” in their Job Title, or any combination of criteria you choose.

As with Segments, it’s all at your fingertips, and it’s all actionable.

Spot On Reporting

We’ve got your back when it comes time to prove the value of your marketing efforts.From basic campaign statistics to aggregate totals for the current quarter to date, Rainmaker provides the tabular and graphical reporting you need to refine your efforts and understand and improve your results. Hey, maybe even advance your career! ;)Schedule automated reports that keep you up to date on campaign performance on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Create and analyze an unlimited number of Segment-Driven™ conversion funnels. View dashboards that bring the big picture into focus.

We understand that the pressure to prove performance and revenue contribution has never been higher. That accountability isn’t going away. That’s why we’re there for you, even in the conference room.

Everything You Need to Succeed.

Everything you’d expect or hope for is already in the box.
• CAN SPAM Compliance Guaranteed
• Rainmaker handles bounces & unsubscribes for you
• Automatic de-duplication of lists
• Subscription Management is built in
• Set your delivery windows – Send emails only during business hours for example
• Hosted versions of your emails are created automatically for every lead
• Forward to a Friend
• Personalized fields and data snap in seamlessly
• Send using and sail through spam filters
• Top Notch Deliverability
• Dedicated IP addresses
• ReturnPath integration available
• SPF & DKIM fully supported