Keeping It Simple

Our hassle-free web form mapping tool captures prospect information, adds the lead to one or many lists automatically and sends autoresponder emails. Or not. You decide. In minutes, your pre-existing forms are mapped to your contact database. From there Rainmaker can push your captured leads right into your CRM system, add them to a nurturing or drip campaign, or send a simple email thanking them for filling out the form. It sounds simple and easy because it is. We built it that way.

Instant Visibility

Measurement is key to improving your results. Rainmaker puts all the information you need at your fingertips with on-demand charts and reports.

How it Works

Choose an Existing Form

It’s likely that your website uses several – if not many – forms already. Having to rebuild them or edit code is a real hassle with other marketing automation systems.

Not with Rainmaker. Just map your existing forms and we’ll monitor them for you 24/7.

Just point us to your form…

Paste in the full URL of the page where your web form is hosted and give your web form mapping a name.

Our fast little squirrels will “crawl” your form and discover all the fields in it.

…and we’ll map the fields for you.

We’ll do our best to figure out where the data from your form should go within Rainmaker. For example, fields named “firstName” will be mapped to the Rainmaker field “First Name” automatically.
Need a field we don’t provide? No problem! Add it as a custom field and map to it immediately.

Now Your Leads are Captured Automagically

Done. Whenever your form is submitted Rainmaker will capture the prospect’s information and add your new prospect to the marketing list or lists of your choosing.

It couldn’t be simpler. Compare this to the hours of work our competitors put you through rebuilding your existing web forms. That’s right – Web Form Mapping is exclusive to Rainmaker. We invented it for you!

Let’s Go Deep

Rainmaker can do a lot of things for you when a prospect fills out one of your web forms.

  • Assign the prospect to a salesperson or queue in (using your assignment rules or a Rainmaker Segment)
  • Schedule a call in Salesforce between the lead owner and the prospect
  • Adjust the Engagement component of the prospect’s Lead Score
  • Notify the appropriate person in your organization
  • Send an autoresponse email to your prospect
  • Add the prospect to any existing Lead Nurturing or Drip Email Campaigns of your choosing
  • Segment your prospects based on who’s viewed the page containing your form (including how long they viewed it), who has filled it out & who hasn’t