A Simple Way to Touch Your Prospects

You need a way to segment, touch, score and qualify those leads into sales-ready prospects, and automatically, so that ONLY quality leads can be passed to your sales team for their attention and care.

This is where Rainmaker’ lead nurturing comes in, enabling you to remain in continual contact with your prospects, sending relevant content to the right people until they are ready to move.

Unlimited Campaign Branching. Segment-Driven, Of Course

Rainmaker’s Lead Nurturing system is an eye opener for those familiar with the limited campaign capabilities offered by competitors.

You’ll easily create campaigns that branch at any point you like. As many times as you like. Based on whatever conditions you choose.

Other systems offer you a hamstrung list of predefined conditions and allow only a single branch point. Want your campaign to carry on from there? That’s not going to happen. You’ll find yourself building a new list based on your old campaign and launching a new campaign in an attempt to cobble together a real lead nurturing campaign.

Not with Rainmaker. Our customers enjoy the ability to create rich lead nurturing programs using a simple drag & drop interface. The best part? Rainmaker’s Lead Nurturing is completely Segment-Driven™. Because you can segment on anything your campaigns can branch based on exactly what matters to you.

Expand Your Horizons. These Campaigns Are Not Just for Email.

You may be used to the idea that a campaign is something that only sends emails. Rainmaker campaigns are built to do much more for you.

You shouldn’t have to duplicate work to automate lead flow and marketing tasks. That’s why we’ve built such rich capabilities into Rainmaker’ drag & drop campaign builder.

CRM Automation: Sync, Assign Lead Ownership & Schedule Tasks. While You Sleep.

You control what Rainmaker does and when it does it.
No surprises, no accidents.

Push prospects into your CRM. Assign them to sales reps based on criteria of your choosing. Use your CRM-based Assignment Rules or assign them to an existing Queue. Schedule phone calls between prospects and lead owners.

We’ll sync your campaigns to your CRM (if you like) and tie prospects to it for full on ROI reporting on a per campaign basis.

Learn more about our our native CRM integrations.

Automate List Management

You may choose to add prospects to, or remove prospects from, any existing marketing list or lists at any point within your Rainmaker lead nurturing campaigns.

And because your lead nurturing campaigns are driven by Segments, you have total control over automated changes in marketing list membership. If you can segment on it, you can use it to make life easier. And you can segment on anything.

Remember, your campaigns don’t have to send an email. You can set up campaigns that simply ensure your lists are always in perfect order.

Your geeks may also automate list management changes via our marketing automation API.

Adjust Lead Scores

Adjust the Contact Score, Activity Score or Engagement Score component of any of your existing Lead Score Overlays from any branch within your lead nurturing campaigns. It’s a breeze with our drag & drop campaign builder.

Our Segment-Driven™ lead scoring is the best automated lead qualification system in existence. Segments give you the power to adjust lead scores based on any combination of conditions and actions you choose. But sometimes it’s convenient to effect prospects’ lead scores directly from your lead nurturing campaigns.

Simply drag a lead scoring action into your campaign, configure and you’re good to go!

Alert Sales Instantly

Now you’ve got these incredible lead nurturing campaigns that are branching and reacting in response to prospect interaction (or lack thereof). It may be appropriate to alert the assigned sales representative at one or more important moments.

Rainmaker makes it easy for you. Drag a “Send Notification” action and drop it in the applicable campaign branch. Now click to configure alert recipients and you’re set.

Sales (or other personnel) will be notified as prospects reach this point in your campaign.

Of course you could configure Sales Alerts elsewhere in Rainmaker but why should you have to? Convenience is fantastic.

Change Values in Standard & Custom Fields – Keep Your Data Clean

Use this campaign action to change or set the value of any Standard or Custom field at will. And because these changes are driven by Segments, you have precise control over which leads and contacts will be affected.

Data Normalization
A common use for this feature is to automate the process of keeping your data clean.

For example you may kick off a perpetual (ongoing) campaign that looks for contacts whose company name matches “XYZ”, “XYZ Inc”, or “XYZ, Inc” and set the company name to “XYZ, Inc.”

Reports, Reports, Reports

We’ve got your back when it comes time to prove the value of your marketing efforts.

From basic campaign statistics to aggregate totals for the current quarter to date, Rainmaker provides the tabular and graphical reporting you need to refine your efforts and understand and improve your results. Hey, maybe even advance your career! 😉

Schedule automated reports that keep you up to date on campaign performance on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Create and analyze an unlimited number of Segment-Driven™ conversion funnels. View dashboards that bring the big picture into focus.

We understand that the pressure to prove performance and revenue contribution has never been higher. That accountability isn’t going away. That’s why we’re there for you, even in the conference room.