Lead Score Overlays Take It Further

Anyone can score a lead. But how deeply can you score with your current tool? With Rainmaker your scoring can be layered based on simple qualification data, prospect interaction with your digital marketing efforts, and/or engagement with your sales and marketing teams.

Contact Score

Is your prospect a decision maker? What industry is she in? Do you have her email address and phone number?
The Contact Score component of your prospects’ Lead Score Overlay allows you to evaluate each lead’s basic qualifications. Prospects won’t be deemed “qualified” until they’ve met these criteria.

Activity Score

How active is your prospect on your website? In response to your lead nurturing emails? Bump up your prospect’s Activity Score if they spend at least 10 seconds viewing your pricing page. Give points to prospects who spend at least 3 minutes on your website and view at least 5 pages during their visit.

Lose the limitations imposed by other systems and score prospects on any type of activity you like.

Engagement Score

Prospects that fill out your web forms or register for your webinars are engaging with your company at a level that indicates interest.

Use the Engagement Score component of your Rainmaker Lead Score Overlay to measure sales readiness.

Manual Score

Sometimes you (or one of your sales people) want to add or subtract points from a prospect’s lead score based on an interaction or lack of interaction with that prospect. Rainmaker enables you to do this for any Lead or Contact on the Rainmaker Lead Score tab available in our Salesforce, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics and SalesLogix integrations as well as from the Contact Detail page within Rainmaker.

When making a manual lead score adjustment we’ll require you to input a reason for the change. Your manual adjustment will appear instantly in the prospect’s Activity Stream and will impact both the Manual Score and the Total Lead score for your prospect.

Lead Qualification Threshold

Total control. Rainmaker enables you to determine exactly what thresholds a prospect must meet to become a “Qualified Lead”. This removes friction between Sales and Marketing—the leads you pass to Sales will be accepted.

Mark any of your Segment-Driven lead scoring rules as “required” by checking a box. Set numeric thresholds for Contact, Activity, Engagement and Total lead score. Rainmaker is constantly watching—and working—for you.

So you’ve got a Sales Qualified Lead. Now What?

Trigger any type of action you like when your prospect becomes a Qualified Lead. Alert the lead owner, modify list membership, schedule a call in CRM with the prospect, add the prospect to an existing drip or nurturing campaign… Whatever suits you, Rainmaker will handle it automatically.

Unlimited Flexibility

  • Run an unlimited number of Lead Score Overlays simultaneously
  • Each Lead Score Overlay may contain as many scoring rules as you like
  • Segment your prospects based on their current Contact, Activity or Engagement Score
  • Drive emails, drip campaigns, reports & dashboards based on changes in lead score
  • No mysteries – View a complete lead score history for every prospect in Rainmaker or in your CRM system
  • Most importantly, every lead scoring rule is driven by a Rainmaker Segment. Stop the presses. Because you can segment on anything you want you can score on anything you want.

Better Results

Rainmaker’s intelligent lead scoring ensures that the leads you send to sales are highly qualified and will meet the definition of a “sales qualified lead”.