Target Prospects Like a Sharpshooter

As a marketer, you use lists to group prospects based on shared attributes such as interests, qualifications or past purchases. You need to be sure that your lists are accurate to deliver only the most relevant communications to each lead.

Rainmaker provides the world’s only Segment-Driven™ list management solution. If you can segment on it, you can adjust list membership based on it. And in Rainmaker you can segment on anything you choose in seconds.

Fully Automated

Add prospects to the appropriate list when they fill out a form.

Remove them from prospect lists when they become customers.

Or get fancy and build a list of prospects in California associated with Salesforce Opportunities of at least $50,000 who spent at least 10 seconds viewing the pricing page on your website. Now you’re cookin’!

Impossible with other systems, no problem with Rainmaker.

Power Tip – Use List Membership to Include Prospects in Drip or Nurturing Campaigns

It’s common to set up a drip email campaign that goes out to all the prospects who are members of a given list.

Add members to that list when they take a qualifying action, like attending a webinar or downloading a white paper, and they’ll begin receiving the emails from your drip campaign automatically!

Do whatcha like.

  • Upload contacts and have them added to any list or lists of your choosing
  • No hassles – Rainmaker allows you to create an unlimited number of lists
  • Each list can have an unlimited number of members
  • Include your entire list of Prospects but exclude your list of Competitors in a Campaign or Segment
  • Automatically add prospects to one or more lists when they submit a form
  • Automatically add/remove prospects to/from lists who interact in certain ways with your Campaigns or meet any other criteria you choose
  • Use List Membership as a Segment criteria (i.e. is a member of List A but not List B)
  • Automatic de-duplication if the same prospect is on multiple lists used in a Campaign
  • Download a spreadsheet of list members any time you like
  • API calls allow your geeks to control list membership and keep Rainmaker in sync with 3rd party tools