Sales and Marketing never had it so good.

When you combine the capabilities of your CRM system with our number one marketing automation solution, you bring the power to align your sales and marketing teams, get the deepest insight into your leads at each stage of the sales cycle and accurately measure your marketing campaign’s ROI.

All of Your CRM Data. No Manual Effort.

You control what Rainmaker does and when it does it. No surprises, no accidents.

We’ll pull all newly created and recently modified Leads, Contacts, Accounts & Opportunities into your Rainmaker account once per hour. This ensures that your marketing database is always up to date. Your custom fields are available in Rainmaker as well.

When will we push info into your CRM? Whenever a prospect or customer qualifies per the rules you’ve created.

Prospect Activity & Qualifications at Your Sales Peoples’ Fingertips

Our FunnelVision™ App is embedded right inside your CRM. With but a click your salespeople have instant access to dashboards showing them their hottest leads & their interactions with your website & marketing campaigns. And FunnelVision™ is included with your Rainmaker subscription.

Sales Enablement Included

Allow sales personnel to select, customize & send trackable Rainmaker emails to any individual Lead or Contact without leaving their CRM app.

You choose which email templates are available to sales. And as with all our fine features, Sales Enablement is included with your subscription.