Strategy validation in real time.

With Rainmaker, you can use our charts and dashboards to communicate relationships and flows in simple, easy-to-understand graphics, improving individual relevance and acceptance. Rainmaker’ advanced Segment capabilities enable Marketers to create customizable reports relevant to their proper audience.

Prospect Activity & Sales Readiness

  1. See the date & time of your prospect’s most recent activity
  2. Lead Score at a glance to gauge the sales-readiness of each lead
  3. Clicking on Company Name will take you straight to a listing of all leads from that company within Rainmaker
  4. Clicking your prospect’s name will take you to the Contact Detail page in Rainmaker where you can view a complete Activity Stream (page views, emails received/opened/clicked, much more), view/manage List Membership, view an audit trail of all Lead Score adjustments or cause the prospect to be synced with your CRM
  5. What brought the prospect to your website? See it and drill down on it easily.
  6. The number of pages your prospect viewed on your website during the report’s date range
  7. Search for your prospect in LinkedIn with a single click. Find your prospect’s company on Google. Or dive in to a Rainmaker view filtered to your prospect.

Campaign Reporting

We’ve got your back when it comes time to prove the value of your marketing efforts.

From basic campaign statistics to aggregate totals for the current quarter to date, Rainmaker provides the tabular and graphical reporting you need to refine your efforts and understand and improve your results. Hey, maybe even advance your career! 😉

Schedule automated reports that keep you up to date on campaign performance on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Create and analyze an unlimited number of Segment-Driven™ conversion funnels. View dashboards that bring the big picture into focus.

We understand that the pressure to prove performance and revenue contribution has never been higher. That accountability isn’t going away. That’s why we’re there for you, even in the conference room.

Segment-Driven Analytics

Simply put, if you can Segment on it you can analyze it. And with Rainmaker you can Segment on anything you want. This makes it easy for you to see which search phrases, page views, downloads and other on & off site actions (like webinar attendance) lead to conversion and revenue vs. those that don’t.

Prospect Activity & Qualifications at Your Sales Peoples’ Fingertips

Our FunnelVision™ App is embedded right inside your CRM. With but a click your salespeople have instant access to dashboards showing them their hottest leads & their interactions with your website & marketing campaigns. And FunnelVision™ is included with your Rainmaker subscription.

The Marketing Dashboard

Home base of our Marketing Center, this dashboard gives you an immediate view into your programs. Find information on your mailing activity and performance over time, your current mailable universe, as well as your recently activated and recently finished Campaigns. All in once place, ready for use.