The Power of ‘Right Now’.

The key is to reach an engaged prospect as soon as possible; ideally within 1 hour, and in a perfect world, within 5 minutes. After that, the returns begin to diminish very quickly. You see significant diminishing return on every call made outside of 48 hours, and after 7 days you will see a 60-70% drop in leads generated. The sooner you follow up, you will also diminish the chances that a competitor has called the prospect and is “first at the table” for purchasing discussions. That’s where the power of Rainmaker real-time Alerts come in.

Instant Hot Visitor Alerts

Get notified instantly when a prospect does something you want to know about.

Unlike other systems that offer a limited selection of alert criteria, Rainmaker alerts are Segment-Driven™. Because you segment on anything you want, you can receive Alerts based on anything you want.

Segment-Driven, By Design.

Make your alerts as specific as your business rules.

Here’s a Rainmaker Segment that selects high-value prospects (associated with an Opportunity of > $10,000 in your CRM) that spent at least 10 seconds checking out either your pricing page or your terms & conditions. Ask other vendors how simple that is to do in their system.