Data Driven Success

Web Analytics exist to help you understand what’s working on your website and what is not. Rainmaker takes this to a whole new level.

Put simply, if you can Segment on it you can analyze it. And with Rainmaker you can Segment on anything you want. This makes it easy for you to see which search phrases, page views, downloads and other on & off site actions (like webinar attendance) lead to conversion and revenue vs. those that don’t.

How Would You Like Your Analytics?

Check out the example Segments below. You’ll see that with Rainmaker, if you can segment on it then you can run analytics reports against it (and score on it, drive campaigns from it, automate list management based on it… but that’s for another page on our site).

Based on Actual Revenue Opportunities in Your CRM?

Apply this simple Segment to see analytics for website visits from leads associated with large opportunities in your CRM.

…Or Maybe Closed Business?

This Segment selects only prospects that clicked through on a Google AdWords paid search ad that resulted in a closed opportunity and revenue generated.

How About Conversions From Social Media?

Tracking conversions from social media is a breeze with Rainmaker.

Here’s a Segment that selects website visitors referred to your site from certain social media properties – and refines our selection further by including only those that ended up completing an important registration form.

By applying this Segment to your analytics reporting you’re able to see, among other metrics…

• Average Visit Duration
• Bounce Rate
• Average Number of Pages Viewed
• Most Visited Pages
• Total Number of Visits
• Number of Unique Visitors

…and more.

The Bottom Line

When your web analytics are Segment-Driven™ you have the freedom to examine prospect behavior from any perspective you desire, on demand.