Real-time Knowledge of All Your Web Visitors

Rainmaker provides granular tracking at the individual level. Referral sources, click paths, repeat visits, visit duration and more are revealed for a detailed view of how each visitor interacts with your site – even if they haven’t completed a web form.

In many cases, you’ll also be able to see their company name and cross-reference it with one of our integration partners such as Jigsaw or LinkedIn for possible connections.

Automated Reports Straight to Your Inbox

  1. See the date & time of your prospect’s most recent activity
  2. Lead Score at a glance to gauge the sales-readiness of each lead
  3. Clicking on Company Name will take you straight to a listing of all leads from that company within Rainmaker
  4. Clicking your prospect’s name will take you to the Contact Detail page in Rainmaker where you can view a complete Activity Stream (page views, emails received/opened/clicked, much more), view/manage List Membership, view an audit trail of all Lead Score adjustments or cause the prospect to be synced with your CRM
  5. What brought the prospect to your website? See it and drill down on it easily.
  6. The number of pages your prospect viewed on your website during the report’s date range
  7. Search for your prospect in LinkedIn with a single click. Find your prospect’s company on Google. Or dive in to a Rainmaker view filtered to your prospect.

Loaded with Actionable Information

Instant Hot Visitor Alerts

Get notified instantly when a prospect does something you want to know about.

Unlike other systems that offer a limited selection of alert criteria, Rainmaker alerts are Segment-Driven™. Because you segment on anything you want, you can receive Alerts based on anything you want.

FunnelVision – Your In-CRM Hot Leads Dashboard

Our FunnelVision™ App is embedded right inside your CRM. With a click your salespeople have instant access to dashboards showing them their hottest leads & their interactions with your website & marketing campaigns. And FunnelVision™ is included with your Rainmaker subscription.

Fully Segment-Driven™

Filter your website visitor reports using Rainmaker Segments to focus on exactly the prospects you want. Rainmaker offers the most powerful segmentation tool in existence.

We’ve built an app that allows you to segment on anything you want. Being Segment-Driven™ means that identified website visitors can be viewed from any perspective you desire.