Mobile Responsive, Drag and Drop Email Builder

We’re excited to announce the imminent launch of an ambitious product feature that’s been in the works for several months now—an all new mobile responsive, template-based drag-and-drop email builder!

The new email builder makes it drag and drop easy to create great looking emails that view perfectly in the myriad of email clients out there, including Android and Apple devices.

  • Drag & Drop – you don’t have to know HTML to make a great looking email
  • Mobile Responsive – The emails you build will look great on mobile devices as well as laptops and desktop machines
  • Template Driven – choose a great looking template then add your excellent content to create a great looking email in minutes
  • We’ll take care of making sure it looks good in Outlook, GMail, Apple and Android devices and more

What happens with my existing emails?

  • Your existing emails have not been changed
  • There is nothing you need to do with your existing emails – they do not need to be changed in any way
  • You may continue to use them in existing and newly created Campaigns
  • You may continue to edit your emails and make copies using “Save As”
  • You may continue to create emails in the same manner that’s always been available (WYSIWYG and/or source code). You do not have to use the new drag and drop email builder
  • If you build your emails outside of Net-Results and paste in your HTML you may continue to work this way, we’re not taking anything away from you
  • Existing emails are not compatible with the drag-and-drop aspects of the new email builder, however.
  • Your existing emails will remain editable and usable, but they will not become drag and drop. You’ll be able to work with them in the same manner you’ve always been able to work with them (WYSIWYG and/or source code)

When will the new email builder be live?

We’re just putting on the finishing touches now. There’s nothing you need to do to get the new email builder. Expect to see it live in your account just as soon as it’s ready, likely some time this week.

4 Ways to Manage the Marketing Technology Landscape

Mayur-Gupta-Kimberly-ClarkThe line between marketing and IT is increasingly becoming blurred in many organizations, at least in respect to marketing operations and technology.

A Fortune 500 example of such a transformation comes from  Mayur Gupta, Global Head of Marketing Technology & Innovation for Kimberly-Clark.  As the marketing technology leader for a 22 billion dollar manufacturer of paper products, Gupta sits at the intersection between marketing and technology. (more…)

10 Email Best-Practices [Infographic]

10-best-email-prac-featureSome 122,500,453,020 (122.5B) emails fly through the Internet  EVERY HOUR of EVERY DAY—WOW!

It’s no wonder that getting your email noticed is an art that every marketer must master.

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Say Hello to Marketing Operations


You are probably aware of the need for sales operations, but what about marketing operations? Having worked on both sides, I would argue that the requirements for marketing technology, process, and data management / hygiene is far greater than that of the sales function.

And Marketing Automation, such as Rainmaker, is the catalyst of it all!