Marketing Automation 2.0

Online marketing is rapidly displacing traditional forms of marketing such as direct mail, display advertising in print and electronic media such as radio and TV. Rainmaker delivers the next generation SaaS-based automated lead management solution for the new breed of marketers.

More than simple process management, Marketing Automation 2.0 is proactive, not reactive. Rainmaker’s solution consists of a host of capabilities integrated into a robust platform that delivers greater intelligence and insight into lead capture, lead nurturing, and sales conversion through online analytics and business intelligence.

Marketing Automation 2.0 means converting a lead to an engaged prospect who wants to learn more without a salesperson picking up a phone. It means understanding the interest and intent of the online visitor, not just the name and email address. It means sophisticated data analysis and business intelligence at work to provide marketing and sales teams the most complete prospect information available… enabling them to work together more efficiently, target decision-makers more effectively, and close more deals rapidly.

Rainmaker Features

Lead Nurturing
Segment, touch, score and qualify those leads into sales-ready prospects, and automatically, so that ONLY quality leads can be passed to your sales team for their attention and care.

With our ability to segment on an infinite number of data elements, our capabilities are truly unmatched.

Email Marketing
Build a simple drip, a one-time blast, an autoresponder or a complex action-based lead nurture campaign.

Lead Scoring
Ensuring that each lead you send to sales is well qualified and will be accepted is what our Lead Scoring tool is all about.

CRM Integration
Rainmaker natively integrates with, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Sage SalesLogix.

List Management
You need to be sure that your lists are accurate to deliver only the most relevant communications to each lead.

Lead Form Capture
Our hassle-free web form mapping tool captures prospect information, adds the lead to one or many lists automatically and sends autoresponder emails.

Website Visitor Identification & Tracking
Rainmaker provides granular tracking at the individual level.

Web Analytics
Rainmaker’s Analytics leverage the unparalleled power of our Segments to understand prospect behavior and tie it to what is important to you.

Sales Alerts
Real-time sales alerts from Rainmaker gets the right information to your salespeople to get them to react.

Reports and Dashboards
Pretty pictures are nice and all but isn’t it better when there’s actually real value to a report?

Sales Enablement
With FunnelVision, salespeople can view their assigned leads and prospects in realtime as they interact with your website, email campaigns, webinars, etc.

GoToWebinar Integration
Eliminate manual importing and exporting of data and gain the ability to lead score and nurture prospects both pre & post GoToWebinar events.

Fully documented, including code samples and response codes, our SOAP & JSON-based APIs provide everything a professional programmer should expect from an application programming interface.

Content Management Compatibility
Rainmaker is compatible with major Content Management Systems such as  WordPress, Joomla, Drupal.